Hybrid Solar Systems

We are fully accredited to design, build and install hybrid systems.


With grid-connected solar systems, batteries are not necessary because you can draw energy from the grid when your solar installation isn’t enough. But with today's rising electricity prices and advancements in battery technology, along with a lowering of prices, it’s becoming more and more feasible to have a Hybrid Solar System.


A hybrid system really is the best of both worlds. During power outages, you have back-up power, you can store excess energy generated by your own system, and you can also draw more power from the grid when you need it.

Additional advantages include using your solar generated power at night, when your solar system is unable to provide you with energy, 'buying' energy from the grid during off-peak times, and storing energy for use during peak times when electricity would be more costly.


A hybrid solar system allows much more independence.  Rather than having to rely on them during the night time - as with a regular grid connected solar installation, you can draw from your own battery, keeping costs to an absolute minimum.